Research Acitivities and Facilities of the  Hybrid Electronic Device Lab at the INHA University, Korea


[1] Organic Electronic Devices

-Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs): vacuum evaporated organic layers for electronic display and WOLED as lighting source

-Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs): based on pentacene semiconductor, plasma polymerized gate insulator

-Organic Solar Cells (OSCs): Bulk-Hetero-Juction Type Organic Thin Film Solar Cell with ZnO nanowire anode

-Flexible Organic Memories: Non-volatile Floating Gate Organic Transistor based Flexible Memory Device


[2] Synthesis of Nanowires and application to advanced Electronic Devices

-Nanowire/CNT based FETs: FET Device with active channel layer based on ZnO nanowire/CNT

-Nanowire based Generators: vertically and/or latterally structured piezoelectric power generator with ZnO nanowires

-Nanowire/CNT based FEDs


[3] Thin Film Processing and Characterization for Electronic Device Application

-Inorganic/Organic Thin Film Preparation for Hybrid Type Electronic Device Design & Fabrication

-Thin Film Surface Treatment/Thermal Treatment

-C-V, I-V, Contact Angle/Surface Energy Analysis


[4] Facilities in the Lab

-Thin Film Processing Equipments: TCP/ICP Plasma Enhance CVD for Polymer/Inorganic Thin Films; RF Plasma Surface Treatment/Polymerization System; Vacuum Thermal Evaporators for Organic & Metallic Thin Films; Spin-coater/Spary-coater.


-Nanowire Synthesis Systems: Hydrothermal Synthesis Equipments; Ultra-pure Water Production System; Precision Electronic Microblance; pH-measurement Instrument; Hot-plate with magnetic stirrer; Thermal Treatment System; Clean-Bench; Ultrasonic Cleaner.


-Device & Thin Film Characterization Systems: Probe Station; I-V/C-V Measurement Systems; Contact Angle/Surface Energy Analysis System; Micro-power Measurement System;

Last update: August 15, 2011